Oh man, what did I love that Packard...!! I don't think that anyone shot is as often as I did.... This one was still from the first night. Surprised that the lighting from the back didn't turn out brighter as I was heavily beaming in there for 30sec or so.

1950 Packard Eight

Ok, my favorite Packard again, really shot this car forever. Like the green back lighting with the headlights and the moon and some (very subtle) painting on the grill.

Packard in White and Green

Oh, "my" Packard again....!

Packard at Moonrise

This was as low as I could get with my tripod without completely eating dirt... Like that grill, the headlights and the perspective (but wish I could go even lower...)

Very low Pontiac

Night photography of a 1960 Buick Invicta

1960 Buick Invicta

Red hood of a Chrysler Imperial

Red Hood

Night photography at the Pearsonville junkyard

Old School Bus

Night photography at the Pearsonville junkyard

Compressed Gas

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