Mission accomplished! Now, we have the arch of Gapstow Bridge and the reflection forming a really nice eye-shaped form in the center of the image.

Eye in the Bridge

Nightshoot in Central Park with Gapstow Bridge

Gapstow Bridge

The long exposure image of Gapstow Bridge in the southern part of Central Park. I really like the reflection of the bridge in the peaceful water at night.

Central Park Reflection

This image was taken taken from the northern end of "The Pond", the small lake in the southeastern corner of Central Park. Right in the center behind Gapstow Bridge is the Plaza hotel, surrounded by modern highrise buildings in Midtown Manhattan.

The Pond

The night photography image was taken from a meadow above "The Pond" in the southern section of Central Park. The full moon over the Upper East Side reflects nicely in the lake.

Two Moons

This night time picture was taken in the southernmost section of Central Park and includes the full moon over some residential buildings on the Upper East Side with their reflection in "The Pond".

Central Park Moon

Gapstow Bridge over "The Pond" in the southeast corner of Central Park, this time shot from the south into the park. This exposure almost yielded a painting-like result. I like the very subtle tones and the not so overpowering lights from the park's lanterns.

The Pond and Gapstow Bridge

Another image of Gapstow Bridge at "The Pond" in Central Park, this time zoomed in further and focus on just the bridge with its immediate surroundings. Also here I like the subtle tones and the painting-like results.

Photograph or Painting?

View of the Midtown Manhattan Skyline from The Pond in Central Park at night

The Pond at night

View of the Midtown Manhattan Skyline with the Gapstow Bridge in Central Park at night

Gapstow Bridge 2

Bethesda Fountain in Central Park with the rising full moon at night

Bethesda Fountain with Full Moon

The Mall in Central Park during a night in winter

The Mall in a winter night

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