Racetrack with Moving Rocks at night

Racetrack with Moving Rocks

Night photography at Mono Lake

High Sierra from Mono Lake at night

Joshua Trees at moonlight (the light in the background is the shine of the  L.A. area!)

Joshua Trees at night

Arch Rock at Joshua Tree National Park

Arch Rock with Moon

Tree holding Moon

Tree holding Moon

Dead Tree at Joshua Tree NP

Dead Tree

Night shoot at Mono Lake

Moon over Mono Lake

A tufa formation "bending" towards the moon over Mono Lake

Moon Salutation

Really long star trails above tufas at Mono Lake in a long exposure nighttime image

Really Long (Mono Lake)

A nighttime image of the tufas at Mono Lake with big dipper in motion (that barely makes it above the horizon....)

Big Dipper Moving (Mono Lake)

A night time image of Mono Lake, California with a tufa formation and the rising moon behind some clouds

Rising Moon over Mono Lake

Arch Rock at Joshua Tree National Park

Arch Rock

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